July 29, 2010

Lakeville and the Kenya Education Fund

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The most important thing in the youth of today is education, and no more so than in impoverished Kenya, where it is a lamp leading them out of the darkness of poverty and death.

Lakeville has been supporting the Kenya Education Fund since 2005, starting with a simple $100 gift by company president Richard Sirlin. Mr Sirlin has since become Vice President of the KEF, and Lakeville’s contributions have topped over $12,000.

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If you would like to add your support:
Kenya Education Fund

July 22, 2010

Lakeville Goes to Crystal

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During the week of June 21-25, members of the Lakeville staff were invited to Crystal Cabinets Works in Princeton MN for a tour and training seminar. While there, they learned how Crystal constructs their cabinets, got a sneak peek of the newest products and finishes, and were treated to the warmth and hospitality that the Crystal family always offers in abundance. An interesting and enjoyable trip!

Click the Facebook link below to see more photos from our visit!

Lakeville Kitchen and Bath at Crystal Cabinet Works

July 14, 2010

Lakeville Time Machine – Episode One

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Come take a trip with us back to the 1950s…

…when babies were booming, Tupperware parties were all the rage, and Lakeville was on the way to its second successful decade.

Kitchen designs were simpler but no less stylish, with modern finishes and layouts meant to highlight and harmonize with appliances.

What was Mom cooking up in her lovely new Lakeville kitchen?

Maybe a pretty salad… …perhaps some soup…

…or was she a “space-age” Mom who tried the new TV dinners?

Back to the 21st Century, but we’ll visit again soon…

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July 2, 2010

LK Smithtown Garners Rave Reviews

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From our July 1 press release:

Over 300 guests, including architects, contractors, designers, industry personalities, friends, and family came out to celebrate the completion of yet another spectacular and exquisite Lakeville showroom, and the expansion of a family brand with a three-quarters of a century legacy.

Click the link below to continue reading all about Lakeville…and do I see the blog mentioned as well?

Lakeville Kitchens and Baths: Making a Splash!

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