August 31, 2010

Lakeville Warehouse Sale!

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This is a great time to come down and check out our terrific deals!

August 19, 2010

Lakeville Time Machine – Episode Two

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Welcome back for our second trip back through time! Let’s take another look at some 50s kitchens.

We know Lakeville supplied the beautiful cabinetry…but where did some of the accessories come from?

There’s a good chance that they were acquired with Green Stamps!

For the uninitiated: S&H Green Stamps were sheets of trading stamps given out with purchases at the supermarket, gas station, and other establishments. You pasted them in a special booklet…

…and when it was filled, you could cash them in for merchandise, either at redemption centers or through a catalog.

(Click to enlarge.)

S&H Green Stamps date back to 1896, but really took off when 50s housewives used them to help stretch the family budget. Their popularity declined in the 1970s, but they are still around – and willing to redeem any stamps you still might have! They’ve also reinvented themselves online, as Green Points:

So the next time you revisit the 50s, take a close look – Green Stamps might’ve gotten more than you think!

August 12, 2010

Seen and Heard Around the Industry

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• Oil-rubbed bronze has become a popular finish for hardware and other fixtures; it has a warm, old-world look and can be less expensive than pewter finishes.

• The Pascal faucet by Brizo is making quite a splash! A hands-free heat sensor turns on the water when you wave your hands under the spout; an electronic setting differentiates objects that may need to sit in the sink awhile, such as a stack of dishes.

Click for more info: Pascal by BRIZO

• Cabinet door styles are trending towards the simpler (such as Park Place or Devonshire); colors such as Ginger Snap (a rich deep stain) and Divinity (a white paint) are still going strong.
All examples from Medallion – click here to find out more.

August 2, 2010

Lakeville, Medallion, and Customer Feedback

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Lakeville Kitchen and Bath and Medallion Cabinetry have combined their resources to create a line of new products based on customer and staff feedback. This includes eleven new door styles, which will be available at both the Lindenhurst and Smithtown showrooms.

Both companies have a long and successful history dating back more than seventy years – which makes them the perfect collabarative partners!

Visit our Facebook page to learn more.

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