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Tips for Planning your Kitchen or Bath Project

Planning a new kitchen? A new bathroom? Remodeling? Here's a great place to start. Want to be happier at the end of your remodeling projects? Follow these guidelines and increase your chance of success.

Here are Lakeville's Hints for Hassle-free Remodeling:

  1. Hire professionals you've worked with in the past, or someone your friends or family have good experience with.
  2. Get involved with hiring subcontractors. Don't leave the responsibility solely with the general contractor.
  3. Get at least three contractor bids but be cautious when considering the lowest bidder.
  4. Get at least three references and make sure to check them.
  5. Check for proper liability insurance.
  6. Get a detailed timetable.
  7. Avoid changing your mind in the middle of the project. Changes lead to cost overruns and delays.

For projects involving cabinetry:

  1. Get involved in the cabinetry decision and come into one of Lakeville’s Kitchen & Bath design Showrooms. Don't leave it up to the contractor alone.
  2. Consider well-built drawers and glides. These get regular use.
  3. Focus on convenience and utility. For example, Lazy Susans, pull-down soap and sponge holders and deep pot drawers are always useful.
  4. Factor in the work to your daily timetable and schedule.
  5. Make a list of everything you currently don't like about your kitchen or bathroom and plan accordingly.

Good Luck from Lakeville. We look forward to helping with your Kitchen or Bath project, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, big or small.

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